MSP Marketing Through Newsletters: Best Practices

Posted on 13. Nov, 2012 by in MSP Marketing

If you ask any IT business owner as to how effective is newsletter marketing you will certainly get the affirmative response that Yes it works. It has been researched that dollar for dollar, newsletter marketing is the most effective form of marketing in terms of cost and ROI to the tune of $57 for every $1 invested.


MSP Newsletter marketing can be done electronically or through print. Both approaches are important ideally a combination of both works best. However, if I had to pick one, I would definitely pick print.


Printed newsletters are far more superior and effective for the following reasons:


1-    Print newsletters are attention grabbers: they are mailed, handled, and opened through physical actions and as such they are more attention grabbing than email newsletters. You can’t delete or send them to a “spam folder” and they won’t look like all the other electronic junk that we all get.

2-    Stickability: they are physical artifacts and even if they’re not read on the spot, they tend to “stick” around your propsects’ desks; and therefore, have a greater impact in terms of top of mind awareness and effectiveness.

3-    Referrability: many times, printed newsletters are shared and passed around the office from person to person; or if your prospect finds some useful tips that he can use elsewhere, he will carry the newsletter with him.

4-    Value: with valuable articles and tips, a printed newsletter provides great reading material and adds value to your company and services.


How do you plan and implement your newsletter marketing strategy?


  • Most important: make sure you carefully pick your list of audience. Include existing clients and future prospects.
  • Verify the address information to avoid wasting postage and mailing materials.
  • Implement a process to update your mailing list whenever you acquire new clients or prospects.
  • Make sure you have good and valuable content that’s relevant to your audience.
  • Regularly mail your newsletter, at least once a month.
  • Set a mail-out date and work your schedule backwards.
  • Set aside time for formatting, printing, additional mailer printing (coupons/promotions etc.), envelope stuffing, and postage.


So why is it that despite all its benefits, the majority of IT business owners do not use this excellent marketing tool?


At the simplest level, this comes down to time! When you’re running around all day long between taking calls, managing issues, employees, receivables, collections, email, legal and administrative matters, let’s face it, you don’t have much time left for marketing, much less for writing newsletters!


The Managed Newsletters MSP Marketing service was created to fill this need by providing professionally written, edited and vetted newsletters for IT providers to market their businesses. Managed Newsletters provides the most content at the most reasonable price and gives you full authority to edit, change, and use the content in any way that suits your business.


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